Tailor Your Solution with Total Freedom

Rohde & Schwarz Topex helps you use one number for all your devices and allows you to make calls anywhere in the world at one low cost. Online Systems delivers the solution and service that’s right for you, so you can take control of your communication.


Highly customizable gateway

Powerful call-routing engine

Capable of connecting a wide range of mobile networks

Advanced mobile messaging capabilities

Choose between two exceptional gateways


Least-cost routing saves you money

Total control lets you customize the solution to your specific needs

Flexibility lets you scale your solution

Streamlined communication increases user productivity

User-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate


Communicate More with Less

The Openity Portal has everything you need in a gateway in one simple, complete package. You can get work and mobile in one place and unify your communication worldwide, all at a low price. Business can be tough – your communication should be easy.


Installation is fast and simple

Mobile integration puts office desk set capabilities in your hand

Talk on your mobile phone with superior voice quality

Affordable price at a low, flat rate

Integrates into new or existing PBX systems


Easy installation so you can start talk with no hassles

Call forwarding and conferencing lets you do business from anywhere

Streamlined communication helps you effectively communicate and reduces monthly operating costs

Valuable technology makes for a swift return on investment


Use Your Mobile Device Anywhere in the World

The Openity Bridge gives you seamless coverage for any mobile device, on any network, anywhere in the world. With the help of satellite technology, your phone has a bubble of clear coverage for voice, SMS, email, and web browsing, even in areas not covered by public networks.


Lets you keep your existing mobile number

Works with any smartphone

High quality, low latency voice

Connects you to SMS texting, email, and web browsing


Continuous handover ensures that your calls won’t be dropped

Global coverage helps you connect everywhere you go

No need to purchase a new device

Compact size lets you travel anywhere with total communication